Can you recommend me the best web hosting company for a beginner?

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I would like to learn making websites. If I understand the concept well, I can write the code using the HTML language on my own computer and later upload the files to the web hosting using FTP. Can you recommend me some company which provides web hosting services which are easy to use for a newbie like me?

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If you want to make your website visible to the world, you need not only to create and upload to the web hosting server but also to register a domain name. Domain name is the address which your visitors write in the address bar of the browser to access your website.

If you sign up for some of the MarbleHost web hosting plans - - you will get the domain for free. Other good reason why to start with this web host is that you can try the services for 30 days for free. As you probably know a lot of hosting companies provide very poor services (downtimes, website loading very slow, customer support answers after many days, etc.) so it is a wise idea to start with a provider which lets to test its services before asking your money.
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When choosing a hosting provider there are some things you should to take into account:

  1. Does the company offer unlimited disk space and data transfer or are there some limits?

  2. If they advertise unlimited space and bandwidth, is it really unlimited or are there some small letter in the terms of service?

  3. Can you create unlimited subdomains (so you can use one domain name for multiple websites) or will you need to buy a new domain name each time when you decide to publish a new online project?

  4. Do they offer an installer of PHP scripts like WordPress or SMF forum so you can have not only the main website but also a blog and forum to make the communication between your and your website visitors more personal?

  5. Do you plan to upload files to the server from networks with some kind of higher security protection, e. g. from your work? Then take into account that some ports may be blocked to disable the FTP protocol. In such case the only solution how to upload your files is use an online file manager (so make sure your hosting company provides it).

  6. What is the website uptime? If the company claims some numbers like 99.9% uptime, can they provide some statistics certified by independent third party?

  7. How does the customer support work? Can you contact them only during the day from monday to friday, all the week or 24 hour a day & 7 days a week? How quickly they answer the questions?

  8. If you are not a security expert, you should to look for a company which offers some security features. Hackers use automated tools to find vulnerabilities in the websites and a hosting company with good security tools can detect these attacks and stop them before they cause a damage to your website. To have your website hacked is never a good way to satisfy your visitors.

  9. Will be your website hosted on a server with traditional hard drives or on modern SSDs? SSDs are much faster and it means your website will load more quickly. Don’t forget that the majority of your visitors will leave your website if it does not load in a few seconds.

  10. Does the web host provide the domain ID protection? In other words, is there an option to hide your contact details in the public WHOIS database from the public eye to avoid their abuse by spammers or telemarketing companies?
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