Is it possible to create a website on MarbleHost if I am not a HTML coder?

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I have no experience with the website coding, the only thing which I know is that they are created using the HTML language. As I have read in a forum that there is a way how to setup a website without the knowledge of the programming languages using MarbleHost I would like to make sure that it is really possible and would like to know some details.

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answered by MH-Juana (180 points)

To give you a short answer: Yes, it is possible, you do not need neither to know HTML nor PHP to be able to create a professionally looking website using the MarbleHost online tools.

To give you better idea what can you expect: To create a website without the knowledge of HTML and PHP you need a content management system installed in your web hosting account. If you are a beginner it may sound like a difficult task (well, for many newbies may be a little difficult) but fortunately MarbleHost has a tool which can do it for you automatically. There are multiple content management systems (CMS) which can you use for this purpose. I recommend to use WordPress because it is the most popular one and you can choose from thousands of free designs.

You can install WordPress automatically from the MarbleHost control panel (you will get access to the control panel after the signup). When installed you will be provided with a link to the WordPress administration where you can setup the design of your website and add content (text, images, videos…).

If you want to know more about WordPress, check out this page:

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A friend of mine told me that Joomla is a good alternative to WordPress and he believes it is easier to setup a website using this CMS. Right now I am not decided if I want to try Wordpress or Joomla, anyway, as I prefer to have more options I would like to know if it is possible to install Joomla on MarbleHost and if it can be done using some sort of installer as I am not sure how difficult would be for me to install something like that on a web hosting account?
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Joomla is also one of the great options. There are not so many free themes like for WordPress but still enough to make possible to spend tens of hours by surfing the galleries of the free Joomla templates :) Joomla may be your choice especially if you want to run an e-commerce or a social networking website.

Joomla can be installed on MarbleHost in the same way as WordPress - after ordering a web hosting plan you will find an option to install it automatically through the web hosting control panel.

If you are unsure which CMS is the right for your website I recommend to install both of them and experiment a little.
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answered by MH-Petr (220 points)

I also recommend to install WordPress through the MarbleHost control panel because it is far more easier solution for a newbie than learning the HTML (and probably also PHP and MySQL database because in these days most websites require features which cannot be done using plain HTML, e. g. contact form or discussion forum). Taking into account that with WordPress you create the website content using an online interface you also avoid the confusion which usually comes when the webmasters first time in their life have to configure a FTP connection with the server to upload their files.

You can check out my blog to see what is possible to achieve with WordPress:

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